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Our Process

Each project is unique, but the steps detailed below outline how we can work with you on the design and documentation of your project to create a successful result. Our capabilities and robust procedures will help simplify the design process, making the experience straightforward and stress-free.

Initial Consultation

This is the foundation of the design process. We will establish the project brief by discussing your wants, needs, and budget. We want to know how you would like to live in the spaces and what’s most important to you. We will cover things like how many bedrooms you need, and what materials you like. After this, we will provide you with a Fee Proposal for the total cost of our design work. Our cost structure is competitive and we can usually offer a fixed price quotation.



Once you confirm to proceed with our services, site research is undertaken, including the relevant planning regulations, infrastructure, legal requirements, and any restrictions such as covenants and subdivision design guidelines. We also look at the site survey and geotechnical report; or arrange for these to be done if needed.


Preliminary Design

Once we have collated all the necessary information we will produce a concept design in accordance with the requirements of the brief, any site-specific constraints, and the territorial authority rules. Construction methodologies are also considered. The preliminary design will typically include the following: Site Plan, Floor Plan, Elevations, and a basic 3D Render. We will present this to you for feedback and then implement any changes.


Developed Design

Once you approve the preliminary design the plans are refined and developed into a more detailed set of drawings. The developed design will typically include the following: Site Plan, Floor Plan, Roof Plan, Elevations, Section, and a detailed 3D Render. We will discuss the developed design with you and may provide a 3D model to help you visualise the finished product. At this stage, it’s also up to you or your builder to organise pricing.


Working Drawings

Once you are happy with the build budget and approve the developed design, construction drawings and specifications are produced in accordance with NZ building regulations and territorial authority compliance. The working drawings will typically include the following: Site Plan, Earthworks and/or Levels Plan, Sediment Control Plan, Plumbing & Drainage Plan, Foundation Plan, Floor Plan, Framing Plan, Bracing Plan, Roof Plan, Elevations, Sections, Joinery Schedule, and Details. H1 compliance and risk matrix score will also be addressed. We liaise with any necessary consultants (such as structural engineers) to pull together all the documentation required for the building consent application.


Consent Management

Once the working drawings are completed, all the documentation required for building consent lodgement will be compiled and submitted to the local council on your behalf or provided as a package for you to submit. This will typically include the following: Working Drawings, Specifications, Supporting Documents, Design Memorandum, and Building Consent Application form. Any requests for further information (RFIs) from the council will be responded to in a timely manner.


Consent Issued & Ongoing Support

Once the building consent has been granted by the council, you can commence construction of your project! The issued building consent package will be handed over to you and your builder. We remain available during the construction phase to answer any questions that you or any contractors may have.